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Morgue and Mortuary Cold Rooms

Labworks International morgue and mortuary cold rooms feature walk-in refrigeration systems which can either be prefabricated or custom built depending on site requirements. All of our morgue and mortuary cold room systems feature full 100% redundancy with automated emergency switch over and notifications.

Labworks works with Healthcare Institutions all across North America, and we design and install permanent or temporary mortuary and cadaver storage systems in existing or new facilities. Our extensive refrigeration experience and business contacts enable us to respond quickly and construct facilities on a fast-track process basis.

We have the ability to design and deliver projects quickly and efficiently. We do not acquire products from overseas, which would delay typical projects. We have extensive design skills to ensure that we can maximize the storage capacity and limited spaces using high-density cadaver storage racking and compact prepackaged refrigeration systems.

Body Storage Cold Rooms

Labworks provides fully turn-key design and supply of body storage cold rooms. Systems are custom designed to maximize the available area, and feature LabTech top-mounted refrigeration units. This configuration provides the ultimate performance with no impedance into the useable space of the room. All elements of the systems can be serviced from outside of the room.

Autopsy Suites

Labworks provides completed Autopsy suite equipment fit out including autopsy tables, dissecting tables, grossing stations, and all other associated equipment. We carry leading manufacturer’s products and can custom suit them to your particular requirements.

Morgue Equipment

Labworks International provides a complete line of morgue equipment for hospitals and teaching environments including:

  • Cadaver Storage and Lifts
  • Autopsy Sink Stations
  • Pathology Grossing Work Stations
  • Autopsy Tables
  • Anatomy Dissecting Tables
  • Pedestal Autopsy Tables
  • Cadaver Carriers
  • Cadaver Trays
  • Laboratory Work Stations

Labworks designs and manufactures laboratory, forensic and pathology equipment.

Providing World Class Installations throughout Canada and the United States.

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